XOSS G+ GPS Computer

XOSS G+ uses a quad-satellite system technology, combines with ANT+ protocol, gives better cycling experiences with all core data recorded and synced to XOSS Mobile App which also can upload to third party App such as STRAVA.

  • 1.8 inch LCD display, automatic backlight, 25hrs battery life, 15 types of data recording, third – party platforms sharing.
  • Support ANT+ transmission for external sensors,like speed, heart rate, cadence sensors etc.
  • Built-in GPS with 4 satellites positional systems, included BEIDOU,GPS,GLONASS, GALILEO, ensure a stable connection on every ride.
  • With IPX7 waterproof rating, let you enjoy the cycling in all weather conditions.
  • Easy to install, it can fit with Garmin mount
  • Supporting cycling app STRAVA and TRANING PEAKS

※Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.